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  [AMV] - Skycraper collab

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 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Empty
PostSubject: [AMV] - Skycraper collab    [AMV] - Skycraper collab EmptyTue Jun 23, 2015 10:14 pm

EN :
yo guys its an collab with WerZamv
go criticize Werz for help to improve ,this is his first time with this style ^^
for me , I do not need most importand is WERZ Xd

Srry for my bad english :p

FR :
Yo une collab avec WeRzAMV ^^
Go critique a fond pour aider a ameliorer WerZ
C'est sa premiere fois ki use ce style , je poste sur les forum pour aider Werz
et pour moi c'est juste si vous voulez xD parceque moi je lai fait a la vavite xD
bref enjoys !

Part 1 : WeRzAMV - Dragon Ball Z
Part 2 : xLegenDz - Hunter x Hunter
Part 3 : WeRzAMV - One Piece Z
Part 4 : xLegenDz - Kyoukai No Kanata
Part 5 : WeRzAMV - Kuroko No Basket
Part 6 : xLegenDz - Munto /Soul Eater

Song : Ready, Set, Fall! – Skyscrapers

DDL : wtmoz6
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 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Empty
PostSubject: Re: [AMV] - Skycraper collab    [AMV] - Skycraper collab EmptyWed Jun 24, 2015 12:30 pm

To be honest i didn't like it that much sorry :/ Main flaws are the constant frameblend and overusage of dezooms and twitch.Also the colours were quite bland and i don't think that kuroko fits with the other animes and the HxH track had a logo which is not very professional. But the rythm is cool.
GG on to the next one didn\'t read lol

 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Echo_f11
 [AMV] - Skycraper collab 091104014803510767
Merci Nagi
 [AMV] - Skycraper collab 1440183736-crea-for-breaker-v2

 [AMV] - Skycraper collab 160630044031328248
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 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Empty
PostSubject: Re: [AMV] - Skycraper collab    [AMV] - Skycraper collab EmptyWed Jul 01, 2015 2:59 pm

Dont like it, sorry, bcz it have frameblend as Breaker say and i think some anime or maybe just frames dont fit with this song.

 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Ecae92eb4adb3c77ffb2ad4c7f96cb62  

You underestimate the power of the dark side.
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 [AMV] - Skycraper collab Empty
PostSubject: Re: [AMV] - Skycraper collab    [AMV] - Skycraper collab Empty

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[AMV] - Skycraper collab
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