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 Bankai - EDEN2

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PostSubject: Bankai - EDEN2   Bankai - EDEN2 EmptyWed Jul 20, 2016 1:03 am

Bankai - EDEN2 1468964843-banner-eden-2
Thank Nagi

Hey here is Eden 2!

Anecdotally this clip would have of go out for the IC IOT but I produced too late. (Crash of pc, bug of depiction ... a good mess which)
Thus I wanted to redo a small clip dance I said to myself "Go Eden2"

For me there are my best clip, well on him have quite a lot of defects but I find that he remains pleasant to view, of the blow good viewing:)

Anime : Various ( OUTRO )
Music : APEK ft. Linney - Voices
DL :!5M4jnD5L!ZI2JLdfhbBqYQpt3tp34QM6ZfuVwQawSSGo5lMQmCzk



Bankai - EDEN2 1458331226-bankai-crea
Bankai - EDEN2 1429394533-gif-sign-eden

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Bankai - EDEN2
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