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 [ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]

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[ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]  Empty
PostSubject: [ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]    [ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]  EmptyTue Aug 18, 2015 6:53 pm

Yo, Razz

Spécial thanks à Kyoos Pour l'outro !
[ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]  Crya10

Fr -

Alors voici une collab réalisé par moi et Lnc pour l'Iron Chef de la EdenTeam ! Alors cette IC on ne l'a pas préparé du tout, à la base on ne devais même pas y participé mais après avoir écouté cette musique, ça à fais TILT donc ça a été un peu chiant de dl les épisodes et cherché des scènes sur des anime qu'on avait pas encore commencé ou pas vue depuis un bout de temps en pleine IC m'enfin le but étais de progressé et je pense que c'est réussie. En tout cas on c'est bien éclater à la faire !

- Eng

So this is a collab make by me and Lnc for the iron chef EdenTeam ! So this IC we did not prepare at first, we did not to participated but after listening to the music, it's saying that we tried. So it's was a bit boring  to download ep's and find a scenes for this collab "sport".

Infos :  
Editors : Lnc and Nagi'
Anime : Various ( SPORTS )
Dedicace : Kyoos / Nizuki / EST
Song : Dope DOD - What Happened (Tha Trickaz Remix)

Part Nagi' : 1,3,5 : Intro / Kuroko / Inazuma Eleven
Part Lnc : 2/4/6 : Haikyu / Free! / Prince of tennis

Streaming :
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[ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]  Empty
PostSubject: Re: [ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]    [ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]  EmptyTue Aug 18, 2015 7:25 pm

Yoooo! Ok so Overall it's not bad but there were many mistakes.
Firstly the rhythm should have been handled differently it is too slow at time like 1:25 - 1:28 and the prince of tennis track overall should be faster paced.
Also avoid frame blend like the kise clip at 0:43
And the whole clip lacks impact and color. Don't be afraid to experiment with pan/crop and FX color will add a lot of atmosphere.
I really did like the beginning. It was a good build up but i was a little dissapointed when the song picked up.
So what you guys should improve on are:
1. Overall pace/rhythm
2. Impact
3. Colour

Looking forward to your next project http://r17.imgfast.n
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[ IC STYLIZE ] - STREET UP - [Nagi'/lnc]
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