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 Prometheus Quest 1st edition

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Prometheus Quest 1st edition  Empty
PostSubject: Prometheus Quest 1st edition    Prometheus Quest 1st edition  EmptyFri Mar 13, 2015 2:23 am

Prometheus Quest 1st edition  SlOul7Q

Welcome to Prometheus Quest, the first IC from AMVGreece!

The dates of this IC are midnight (UTC+02:00) March 27 - midnight (UTC+02:00) March 30. Editors will have 3 days to complete and submit their entries.
On March 27 the songpacks for each genre will be released.
You must use one of these songs!
You may participate by yourself or in a group. Individual AMVs and MEPs will be judged separately.

Best Solo
Best MEP
Best Action
Best Romance/Drama
Best Comedy/Fun
Best Horror/Psyche
Best Dance
Best Overall


Videos must be a minimum of 1:30.
HD anime or manga sources only (entries must be at least 60% anime).
No TV logos
No explicit or graphic material.
Only use songs from the songpacks provided

REGISTER HERE : http://amvgreece.forumgreek.com/t9-prometheus-quest-ic

All entries not complying with these rules will be disqualified from the rankings.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.
Have fun & Good Luck !!
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Prometheus Quest 1st edition
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