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 [AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu

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PostSubject: [AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu   [AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu EmptyThu Feb 11, 2016 2:35 pm

[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu 1454352206-151018101545995264
Thanks Katsuki

Hi, i finally finish my AMV !
Hey, this is my submission for AKROSS CON 2015
This is my first time joining this contest and i'm pretty glad to be in this competition. First time i do a cross-over too, it's was a great experience, and i'm really happy with the outcome of this video.
Special thank to Dn@ and Luna for the beta-testing, Yukii for giving me the idea, Rise for the music, KazeShin for following the project, and for finish, Katsuki for the banner, you are the best people ! AND PONI FOR PRESIDENT HAHAHAHAHA

SONG : Annabel - Alternative

Anime :

Stream :




[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu 1400412843-sagik

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PostSubject: Re: [AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu   [AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu EmptyFri Feb 12, 2016 1:53 pm

Yo! Your clip is pretty cool. I don't have enough time to give a good comment sorry :/
Too bad the judges were shit this year

[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu Echo_f11
[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu 091104014803510767
Merci Nagi
[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu 1440183736-crea-for-breaker-v2

[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu 160630044031328248
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[AKROSS CON 2015] Shinokyōfu
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