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 MEP - Shonen Punch 「GT」

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Nono -GT-

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PostSubject: MEP - Shonen Punch 「GT」    Tue Oct 13, 2015 5:56 pm

Track 1 : Reach - Nanatsu no taizai
Track 2 : xlegendz - DBZ
Track 3 : Nono - Naruto Shippuden
Track 4 : WerzAMV (GUEST)- Bleach

•Outro by xLegendz•
•Music : DJ Snake/AlunaGeorge -You Know You Like It (Cover by Living in Fiction ft Pablo Viveros)

Enjoy !
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PostSubject: Re: MEP - Shonen Punch 「GT」    Wed Oct 14, 2015 1:58 pm

Ok so tbh i'm not hooked. My main complaint or what puts me off the most is the constant diffusion on some of the tracks. It's way out of proportion to the point where the contrast and diffusion makes my eyes hurt :/. Also a little less camera movements would be nice because it is sometimes hard to follow what's going on. I did find some transitions pretty nice and smooth. The animes don't find IMO aswell like DBZ for example and the early episodes of bleach because of the difference of the old style. The font on the naruto track doesn't fit also IMO.
Good luck on your next project o/
didn\'t read lol


Merci Nagi


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MEP - Shonen Punch 「GT」
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